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Guidance With Probate And Guardianships

Probate law encompasses two areas of concern that many of our clients face:

First: Probate is the opening of a deceased person’s estate and the settling of all of that person’s affairs, including the distribution of the estate’s assets and the settling of debts.

Second: Probate is the area of the law that addresses all matters relating to guardianships, including guardianships of minors whose parents can no longer parent them, incapacitated adults who need someone else to look after their affairs, and issues related to guardianships that are already in place.

At the law office of Neubauer, Johnston & Hudson, P.C., we guide many clients through the probate process after the death of a loved one. We help others establish and manage guardianships. Our firm consists of three lawyers with more than 30 years of combined experience offering caring, attentive and efficient probate legal services.

Probate Clarifies The Wishes Of The Deceased And Closes the Estate

Probate may seem more difficult than it actually is because of the grief surrounding the probate process. The process is usually smooth because the legalities of the distribution of the estate are most often spelled out clearly in a will.

Handling Sensitive And Emotional Legal Matters

Our experience in handling tough and emotional family law matters, delicate business legal concerns and complicated real estate transactions, as well as our thorough knowledge of estate planning law, allows us to provide the skilled, attentive and timely guidance that our clients have become accustomed to receiving.

Experienced Guardianship Lawyers

To establish guardianship in the service of a vulnerable person and his or her affairs, you must go through the legal guardianship process, demonstrating proof that the person cannot care for him or herself, whether that person is a child, an elderly parent with Alzheimer’s or any adult with disabilities.

Guardianship may not be necessary to accomplish your goals. As alternatives, our attorneys can help you explore and create one or more of the following legal solutions if appropriate:

  • A power of attorney for health care or property
  • An advance health care directive
  • A living will

We Are Committed To Providing Honest, Ethical And Knowledgeable Probate Counsel

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