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Toward Thoughtful, Effective Estate Planning

Having an estate plan that addresses your needs and goals provides a level of security that most people appreciate. We can provide reassuring advice while helping you put in place a plan to avoid probate or minimize its impact on your estate in the long run.

At the Fairview Heights, Illinois, law firm of Neubauer, Johnston & Hudson, P.C., our experience in family law, real estate, business law and probate also gives us the ability to work across areas of law to help you devise an estate plan that works best for your unique situation.

Benefits Of A Comprehensive Estate Plan

Benefits of having a knowledgeable, experienced and understanding lawyer help you plan your estate include the following:

  • Your estate will be divided in the manner in which you spell out.
  • Your family, including children, whether adults or minors, will be cared for in the ways that you set forth.
  • Your financial and health care wishes will be honored in the event that you become incapacitated.
  • You will help those who will inherit from your estate avoid needless fighting over your estate and the extra costs related to going through probate.

With a combined total of more than 30 years of experience, we have customizable legal tools and trustworthy advice to offer.

Avoid Probate And Minimize Taxes Through Trusts

At the law office of Neubauer, Johnston & Hudson, P.C., we have drawn up comprehensive estate plans for many Illinois residents. In addition to handling relatively straightforward estate planning, we handle complicated, sizable estate plans that address extraordinary issues and unique concerns relating to beneficiaries and spending habits, in-laws and stepchildren, second marriage issues, college funds for grandchildren and more.

We have been able to help many of our clients’ estates avoid probate and minimize tax obligations through the intelligent and knowledgeable use of appropriate trusts, such as:

  • A revocable trust
  • A life insurance trust
  • A land trust
  • Another kind of trust

Depending on your specific situation and the law, we may be able to help you put a trust in place to meet your needs.

Living Wills And Powers Of Attorney

You can save much heartache if you plan ahead for any circumstance. We encourage our clients to think seriously about their wishes related to a living will, powers of attorney and guardianships, as well other legal and financial aspects of planning an estate.

Questions About Estate Planning?

We encourage you to contact our firm so our lawyers can help you review, update or create a will and other aspects of an estate plan. Start simple or round out your plan to be more comprehensive. Please call our law firm at 618-632-5588