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Criminal Defense For Justice And Freedom

Being arrested on even the most minor of criminal charges can be a terrifying experience. We know, because our law firm listens carefully to what those who have been arrested or cited tell us after being charged with crimes such as the following:

  • Drunk driving (DUI, DWI)
  • Criminal misdemeanors, ordinance violations and traffic violations
  • Theft, including shoplifting and white collar crimes
  • Domestic battery and all types of assault
  • Possession and distribution of controlled substances (illegal drugs and prescription drugs without a prescription)

The law office of Neubauer, Johnston & Hudson, P.C., in Fairview, Heights, Illinois, vigorously and knowledgeably protects our clients’ rights as we seek a dismissal or reduction of the charges or to minimize the consequences of conviction.

Dispelling Fear – Replacing It With The Truth

Our clients are scared that they will end up in jail. They are worried about how much the arrest is going to cost them, and they want to keep the information about their arrest as private as possible. We do everything we can to keep clients out of jail, minimize the repercussions of an arrest, and keep all information confidential.

We replace fear with the truth of what to expect in any criminal defense legal matter, whether you are an adult, a college student (from Southern Illinois University, McKendree College or Southwestern Illinois College, for example), or a juvenile.

Protecting The Rights Of Good People In Bad Situations

Our firm defends people who have been arrested for the first time or who have previously been through the legal system. Some have been mistakenly arrested. Some have made a mistake in judgment and deserve a second chance. It is our job to protect our clients’ rights and counsel them throughout the duration of their criminal defense legal matter.

Avoid License Suspension And A Criminal Record

We are not a DUI mill. We are dedicated attorneys with more than 30 years of combined experience. We work with clients individually, attentively and thoroughly, taking the time to develop a strong, personalized defense.

Consult with us regarding driving while intoxicated charges, a traffic violation citation or any criminal matter. We will work to prevent your license from being suspended in the administrative case, as well as defending you against misdemeanor or felony charges in traffic court or another criminal court.

Concerns Related To A DUI, DWI Defense Or Another Criminal Defense Matter?

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