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Reliable, Reassuring Divorce Counsel

Divorce can be a scary prospect but it can also bring closure to a season of marital troubles and mark the beginning of new directions. Our lawyers are skilled at helping clients navigate all legal aspects of divorce with the long view in clear focus.

Each divorce includes unique factors to take into account. At Neubauer, Johnston & Hudson, P.C., we take time to listen and discover the uniqueness of each client’s coming dissolution of marriage. Is it business ownership, or a need for special child custody arrangements, or consideration of a history of domestic violence that requires special attention?

Whatever the concerns, we work hard to honor clients’ priorities as we help them proceed through the steps to divorce with confidence.

How We Can Help

From the time of an initial consultation until a divorce is complete, we recognize the highly emotional nature of this area of the law. Yes, there are bank balances to tally up and possibly, debts to divide. There are also future family dynamics on the table in many cases. We work to ensure that our clients obtain the best outcome achievable through effective methods, such as the following:

  • Settlement negotiations
  • Mediation
  • Collaborative law
  • Litigation

We often guide clients to creative solutions such as giving up certain assets in exchange for a more satisfactory division of assets overall.

Protecting Finances Through High-Asset Divorce

Our lawyers have extensive experience handling complex divorce cases, including those with high net worth estates. Such divorces tend to touch on other areas of law, such as business and real estate interests. Our firm’s focus on multiple practice areas enables us to form strategies that take all relevant legal, financial and child-related matters into account.

Other Family Law Matters

We handle an array of family law issues, including child custody, child support orders, alimony, modifications, enforcement, prenuptial agreements, paternity, adoption and domestic violence. We consider our efforts successful when the result is a resolution that supports our client’s best interests and the well-being of any children who are involved.

First Things First

From the time of an initial consultation, we focus on listening to a client to find out what their needs and expectations are. In this way, we can create custom solutions that put our clients’ goals at the forefront. To schedule an initial conversation with one of our attorneys with no further obligation, call 618-632-5588 or send us an email message.