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4 Myths about divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2022 | Divorce |

Various myths surrounding divorce concern a lot of people considering this step. These can make people worried that they will lose their assets, children and more.

Here are the truths about these myths to help set the record straight.

1. Only women get spousal support

While ex-wives tended to receive spousal support decades ago, this is no longer true. The roles in each family are unique. The courts designed these payments to support the individual who contributed to the family without bringing in a hefty paycheck. For instance, a stay-at-home dad can receive spousal support after a divorce.

2. Mothers always get custody

The court will act in favor of the children. Joint custody and a parenting plan are very common.

3. The court splits estates equally

Illinois is an equitable division state, meaning the court splits estates fairly between the spouses depending on their ability to support themselves and financial standings. That does not mean that there will be an equal split.

Additionally, there are both separate and marital assets. Separate assets go to the corresponding spouse, while the court divides marital assets fairly.

4. There is a set timeline

While there is a fairly standard process, such as filing out the correct forms and coming to an agreement between spouses, there is no set amount of time for a divorce. The issues surrounding each case and how long it takes to address them determine how long the process takes. Some couples will settle their divorce quickly, while others will drag their issues out with mediation and more.

People can move forward with what is best for them when they know the facts about divorces. That can leave them healthier than if they stayed in an unhappy marriage.