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Why posting on social media can hurt your personal injury lawsuit

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Personal injury lawsuits are often savvy decisions. Sometimes, filing one is the only way to cover medical bills and recover lost wages.

Even if it is obvious the defendant should pay, winning in court is never a guarantee. Certain activities can reduce the odds. For instance, posting on social media is bound to work against a plaintiff.

Why nobody should post about a pending lawsuit

Defense attorneys use everything they can to besmirch litigants, including social media. Even innocent comments can haunt someone. A victim might joke about the injury in an attempt to reduce concern. This could then strengthen the argument against serious harm.

Pictures are as risky. Think about images of a litigant enjoying physical activity. A defendant might argue this shows proof there is a lack of physical damage.

Deleting what appears online is tricky yet possible. That said, even the best efforts at erasing something are not enough when someone makes a copy.

What to say to people about a pending lawsuit

Courts post information about personal injury lawsuits online. Once this happens, it is inevitable people will start talking. Litigants must know how to respond when others approach them about the matter.

Some may inquire about the recovery process. Victims should answer in a way that divulges as little as possible. Others may be nosy about conversations with insurance companies. Suing individuals should state they cannot talk freely about their forthcoming case.

The internet makes sharing information a snap. The flip side is that online confidentiality is practically nonexistent. Litigants must stay vigilant about remaining silent on pending legal matters.