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3 ways to pay for lifetime care after a serious brain injury

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Some traumatic incidents such as brain injury may require ongoing care for the rest of your life. While medical bills are daunting, there are options at your disposal for pursuing financial compensation.

If you experience serious physical trauma in Illinois, a personal injury lawyer can help you understand the compensation you may receive to help pay for lifetime care.

Workers’ compensation

An injury that occurs in the workplace falls under workers’ compensation benefits offered by your employer. Illinois insurance law requires all employers to provide workers’ compensation. If you believe your situation falls outside the scope of workers’ compensation, you should nonetheless consider investigating whether your injury is provable to be work-related after all.

Long-term disability

While disability insurance is not required for Illinois employers, you may wish to peruse your benefits package after a workplace injury to seek further compensation. If your employer does offer long-term disability insurance, it can go a long way toward funding your future medical care.

Personal insurance Coverage

Filing a claim with your personal insurance provider is one of the top priorities after receiving your injury. Your existing insurance policy may cover some costs of your injury depending on where or how it occurred. For example, accident insurance or automobile insurance might apply in the event of trauma caused during a vehicle crash.

Brain injury victims deserve the right to focus on their medical needs without worrying about the financial side of things. A personal injury lawyer can assist with navigating complex insurance policies and pursuing relevant financial coverage.